Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

Integrity is a Pharmacists Mutual Companies core value. Integrity means our directors, officers, and employees strive to be honest in everything we do and are committed to high standards of ethical conduct.

Conflicts of Interest

Company directors, officers, and employees are obligated to promote the best interests of the Company at all times. They will avoid any action that involves, or appears to involve, a conflict of interest with the Company. Directors, officers, and employees will not have any undisclosed, unapproved financial or other business relationships with suppliers, customers, or competitors that could impair their judgment on Company matters.

Compliance with Laws

Directors, officers, and employees will not knowingly violate the laws, rules, and regulations of the jurisdictions in which the Company does business.


Financial reports and communication will be delivered in a fair, accurate, timely and understandable manner.

Compliance with Code of Ethics

If a director, officer, or employee has knowledge or is suspicious of any violations of this Code of Ethics, that person is responsible for promptly disclosing that information to management, the Audit Committee and/or the Company’s auditor as appropriate.

Accountability for Adherence to Code

All directors, officers, and employees are responsible for abiding by this Code. Violations will subject an officer or employee to discipline that may include termination and may subject directors to removal by the Company’s policyholders or stockholders.

Disclosure of Code

This Code of Ethics will be publicly disclosed as determined by the Audit Committee or as required by the NAIC or State of Iowa.